Thursday, October 04, 2012

John Rocha at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-139
Posing with my very stylish friend Simeon
Sorry this has taken so long to get out - it's been in my drafts for ages but in between travelling and sorting myself for uni I haven't got round to putting it up til now. A while ago now I was lucky enough to go to the John Rocha show at London Fashion Week. In light of the occasion I decided to go with something a little more directional than my usual style, dabbling in the double print trend. Prints are something that I have found myself gravitating towards more and more lately as I find they really lift a simple outfit and fit in well with my desire to wear lots of colour. Although I have owned this vintage 80s suit for ages this was the first time I had worn both halves together. I normally just wear the jacket but really liked the effect of the whole outfit and found the large print and muted tones meant it wasn't too overwhelming. I paired it with a simple back stiletto, silk vest and gold belt to give some extra polish without distracting from the main event.
London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-001 
London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-147

 I arrived early and had a wonder round the courtyard checking out street style although I didn't take many pictures, feeling insecure with my obviously inferior compact camera. I also spotted a few people from blogs that I read such as Stella from Stella's Wardrobe and Diane Pernet from A Shaded View in her usual veil and sunglasses. Of course I was too shy to say hello but it was still funny and a little surreal to spot people who's lives you have read about so much - it is different to a celebrity sighting.

London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-009
In the Vodaphone Lounge
London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-015

My friend had got hold of Vodaphone VIP tickets and we were finally allowed into the lounge to gorge ourselves on prosecco and nibbles before the show began. Suddenly the doors opened and we rushed out to get the best position. We were standing at the back about halfway down the catwalk but had a surprisingly good view.
London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-024
London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-039

London Fashion Week SS13 John Rocha-125
The collection was beautiful, with a big emphasis on texture and femininity. All the models were crowned with headdresses made out of organza which almost like roses and gave the show a whimsical feel. The prevailing silhouette was demure, flaring at the hips into skirts that fell to the knee or below or were layered over cigarette trousers. Although the show started ebullient with brightly coloured dresses embellished with fringing and ruffles which were layered with charming sheer jackets and coats it quickly progressed into muted pastels, yellows like old newspaper, to a second half that was much more somber and had a much more minimal feel. Some of the detailing remained but overall silhouettes were sharper and more tailored with a palette of black and white. Set against The Kill's 'Pale Blue Eyes' this gave the feeling a love affair unravelling; optimism and enthusiasm fading away into sadness and resignation.