Friday, July 20, 2012

Here we. Here we. Here we f***ing go!

T in the Park day 1
DAY 1: Dress up Friday was Fairytale themed. DRESS & EARRINGS: H+M, HEADBAND: random stall at the festival, WINGS: Angels
Hello again, sorry for the absence. I went away the weekend before last to T in the Park and have only just got caught up with things back here! I've wanted to go to a festival since I was still at school  but till now I've not been organised enough to get tickets. So when my friend texted the night before T in the Park tickets were released to ask if I wanted to go I didn't hesitate, practical considerations of getting from London didn't cross my mind.The title for this post is the Scottish chant that happened for pretty much every act, as first we were quite confused what they were saying (especially my Ukrainian friend) as it changed based on the name of the act. Also please excuse the dodgy poses in these photos - I wasn't doing outfit photos per say and these are the only shots that show what I wore!

T in the Park day 2
T in the Park day 2
DAY 2: TOP, BACK & NECKLACE H+M, JEANS Motel, JACKET Primark (Boyfriend's), SOCKS Asos, BOOTS TK Maxx

When I told many of my friends that I would be going to  festival and camping many of my friends expressed disbelief. The care that I take over my appearance causes people to forget that I grew up on a farm and am no stranger to mud, or to camping. However I proved the doubters wrong, enduring twelve hour overnight Megabus journeys there and back and relishing the shin deep mud at the festival.
Tin the Park day 3
T in the Park day 2

DAY 3: This was when things got really messy, started off nice and clean as shown with my lovely noodle box and degenerated into a mud fight that ended with my taking off my top for my friends to draw on me, dropping it in the mud by accident and walking aroumnd for the remainder of the day in my bra. 
SHORTS Matalan, VEST shredded by me, NECKLACE H+M,

T in the Park day 3

T in the Park day 3

Many of the people we met at the festival presumed that we were there for the day rather than camping so we must have been doing something right given our basic tent arrangement and lack of shower access or the luxury 'refresh' areas. Many of the year's biggest festivals are yet to come (if I could justify going to more than one in a year I would definitely be getting tickets for Bestival!) so although I'm no pro I thought I'd share a few tips to stay glam and fresh during a festival.
  • Wellies are great if there is shin-high mud like in Scotland this year, and I think I was one of the few people not wearing them at t in the park. However, they are not designed for fit or great comfort. If you're going to be somewhere where the mud won't be above your ankles something more along the lines of walking boots are a much better option. I wore a multicoloured pair that I had picked up in tk maxx as apr├Ęs ski boots a few years ago for a fiver. They are warm and dry and will be a much better fit than Wellies so your feet don't get rubbed, they may be slightly more hassle to get on and off but being tight round the ankle means no water comes in at the top. Also if you're like me and love to get into the mosh pit or fight your way to the front they have enough structure to prevent your feet from getting crushed.
Dry, comfey and cheaper than a pair of hunter wellies!
  • Clothes-wise if you're happy to bear the flesh shorts are a good choice (or skirts if you're not worried about flashing) as you can pair them with long socks to keep your legs warm and, as my geography teacher once told me while hiking, skin drys much faster than fabric and you don't have that gross feeling of putting on trousers that are stiff with caked-on mud. Also don't scrimp on a cheap mac if it's likely to tip it down, my friends bought primark ones and they just leaked! Also bring lots of warm clothes to sleep in since tents can be quite chilly (particularly cheap ones) and have a set of clothes for sleep and travel that aren't going to get dirty.
Festival ideas

  • Makeup, for this I pretty much stayed with my usual routine but pared back. Foundation and concealer because my skin is so bad it needs it, under-eye brightener, pale eyeshadow all over lid with urban decay primer potion, bold black liquid eyeliner, waterproof mascara, brows filled in, cream blush and a bold lippy to top it off. To make in-tent application easier it's worth getting a big mirror, I got a fold out a5 sized one from boots for a fiver. Also remember lots of makeup wipes for cleaning up as well as hand sanitizer.

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