Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Raspberry Crush

Raspberry Crush
JACKET Chemistry - VEST Topshop - TROUSERS Zara - SHOES Russel&Bromley - EARRINGS Gilda's Tryst - SUNGLASSES Asos

Summertime. Light lunches. Bright colours. Fresh fruit with cream.

I wore this outfit to lunch at the Farmer's club, we ate on the terrace overlooking the Thames and enjoying the sunshine. I love wide legged trousers, they feel so elegant but don't wear them that much as I feel they generally need heels. Today I decided 'sod it' I'll wear them anyway clashing them with a lime green blazer to amp up the summer feel. Excuse the perturbed look, I was only able to get this one photo as we were in a hurry afterwards.

Home-made raspberry froyo with fresh berries and liquor

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