Friday, September 16, 2011

Country Girl

T-shirt made by me
Jeans by Punky Phish
Shoes from Topshop
Misc. jewelery

Another rather lackluster outfit post of what I threw on to go to the shops. Please welcome the guest model accompanying me; one of my four Ridgebacks, Tara. Also note the reappearance of the star t-shirt I made the other day - such an easy item to just throw on, especially now it looks so much better thanks to an iron and wash to remove the chalk pattern outlines!

We had lovely early-autumn weather today; blue sky, sunshine and a spot of a breeze. I spent the afternoon reading Checkoff's plays (now read The Seagull and Uncle Vanya) I can't quite decide what to make of them; I certainly enjoy the way the dialogue was written and particularly with the Seagull got into the plot but I can't decide what the author is saying - there seems to be a lot of criticism of intellectual/artistic types, is this his view or is it just for humour? In fact throughout one wonders if these characters are to be pitied (feeling the pinch, regretting life decisions...) or if this is satirical perhaps even mocking the protagonists for not appreciating how much worse off they could be. Defiantly something to look at further. Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

I also spent a bit of time wondering around the yard taking photos of some of the animals and flowers.


We several goats but only Basil was feeling friendly, he probably thought the camera was food and came right up to it allowing me to some lovely close ups




dying rose


Another more reticent model; my cats are all a little wild and Fifi certainly didn't like the look of the camera!

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