Monday, September 12, 2011

Tee for Two


...and two for tee!

For a fair old while since reaching my teens I have basically never worn t-shirts, the reasons for this were that most seemed to have ugly pictures/slogans on them (I'm very picky about embellishments), were really overpriced (for stingy old me anything over thirty quid seems a lot) or were ill-fitting or in unpleasant fabrics. Although over time I acquired a few  the thing that converted me was strangely enough a Primark men's tee that I nicked from my boyfriend! I find that a nice plain tee is actually a great staple and is much more effective for dressing down outfits than a vest.

However I still can't find many tees that are what I want at the right price so I have decided to make my own.

My first attempt is a white silky fabric overlaid with some star-print voile since I had these fabrics kicking around already, I took the pattern from a Zara top that I love by tracing it onto newspaper and am really happy with the result, often when I've made clothes I find they look very amateurish but I feel that this time I have achieved a much better finish.

I'm now planning on making this in lots of jewel coloured silks but first I need to get up to London for a visit to Shepherd's Bush Market!

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