Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Couture in Singapore

I never knew much about Singapore until I started university, since then I have made friends with a lot of people from the country so I am now an honorary 'Wingaporean' and have even picked up the habit of using 'la' in my speech. From my limited understanding of the place it's main attractions are the food culture which is fascinating with a great deal of importance placed on the food of street hawkers and shopping.

Hawker Centre - basically a food court with lots of street sellers

Chicken with rice - a very simple dish but the one a lot of Singaporeans miss the most

Bearing this in mind it seems like a perfect place to start a second Haute Couture Fashion Week - it's location means it's convenient for citizens of booming eastern countries (highlighting where the real spending-power in fashion is) but very western so customers from around the world won't be put off. The first Haute Couture Fahsion Week to be held outside of Paris will be in Singapore from the 26-30 October as part of their Women's Fashion Week and headlining designers presenting are Gustavo Lins and Stephane Rolland. I always enjoy Couture Fashion Week as although I can only dream to afford the pieces in the collections I view them as real works of art so having twice as much to see can only be good news!

Designs by Stephane Rolland

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